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Table of Contents:

Greetings from the President

1. SarTemp label
2. SarSaponin in beef cattle rations
3. Effect of sarsaponin with and without rumensin in high-energy rations
4. Rumensin with and without sarsaponin for finishing feedlot steers
5. Feed grain conditioning composition and method of tempering feed grain US 5,139,779
6. Feed grain conditioning and method of tempering feed grain US 5,240,727
7. Method for processing feed grains US 5,279,838
8. Feed grain conditioning composition and method of tempering feed US 5,518,750
9. Influence of tempering on the comparative feeding value of rolled and steam-flaked corn for feedlot steers
10. Influence of tempering on the feeding value of rolled corn in finishing diets for feedlot cattle
11. Grain tempering agent (SarTemp) for corn in finishing rations
12. Yucca extract with and without aspergillus oryaze in finishing diets
13. Effects of SarStart DSC on performance and carcass characteristics of finishing beef steers
14. Computerized grain delivery system US 5,347,468
15. Self-cleaning material sensing apparatus US 5,363,708
15b. Grain moisture measuring apparatus and method US 6,440,475
16. SASI custom feedlot operations report
16b. SarView tool
17. Computerized grain conditioning technology
17b. Grain moisture variability brochure
17c. Free water seepage case study
18. SarStart
19. SarStart label
19b. SarStart Pro
19c. SarStart Pro label
20. SarStart Plus
21. SarStart Plus label
22. SarStart DSC
23. SarStart DSC label
24. SarStart LSC
25. SarStart LSC label
25b. SarStart DSC bolus
25c. RSF program
25d. RSF brochure #1
25e. RSF trial - 28 day data
25f. RSF trial - 56 day data
25g. RSF brochure #2
26. APT brochure
27. Dairy article
28. SarGreen Intro Guide
29. V1.1 SarStart DSC Introductced
30. V1.2 SarStart Plus Boosts Performance
31. V2.1 2002 NCBA Show
32. V2.2 Grain Processing Information
33. V2.3 Importance of Good Moisture Control
34. V2.4 Fecal Starch Importance
35. V3.1 Fecal Starch VS. Starch Availability
36. V3.2 Yucca Mode of Action
37. V3.3 Inventory Gain Economics
38. V4.1 SarStart Plus and Protozoa
39. V4.2 Steam Flaking Review
40. V4.3 Pathogens Persist in Protozoa
41. V5.1 Methanogenic Bacteria Cost Producers Billions
42. V5.2 Operation Beef Up Our Troops Rolls Out
43. V5.3 Poster on Methane Reduction Takes at NEINSCI
44. V6.1 SarStart For Horses
45. V7.1 Biodiesel Production
46. V8.1 SarStart for Dogs
47. V9.1 Sulfur Guard
48. V10.1 SarChoice